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Experience, Integrity
Experience, Integrity
  • Mission Statement

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    • The mission of WEINSTEIN, KARP & ASSOCIATES, INC. a debt collection agency, is to provide exceptional service in recovering the assets entrusted to us by our clients. To consistently achieve this, WEINSTEIN, KARP & ASSOCIATES, INC. will:Continue to achieve recoveries higher than our competitors while strictly adhering to all regulatory guidelines.
      • Achieve excellence in servicing the needs of each individual client.
      • Consistently maintain the highest level of ethical standards.
      • Insist on fair treatment for all employees in a challenging work environment in which they have equal opportunity to achieve their individual goals.
      • Maintain our commitment to quality and continue to improve collection processes along with the quality of service provided for our clients as well as to our consumers.
      • Up to date on the latest CFPB/ FTC/FDCPA/TCPA rules and regulations by a compliance team lead by our staff council.

      Weinstein, Karp & Associates, INC. is pleased to have the opportunity to introduce our professional debt recovery service. In this proposal, WEINSTEIN, KARP & ASSOCIATES, INC. will demonstrate a commitment to your company that features a uniquely qualified management/collection team, state of the art systems and technology, and a dedication to providing the best in customer service. WEINSTEIN, KARP & ASSOCIATES, INC.s officers and staff pledge is that if given the opportunity to represent your company, all our resources will be applied to assure that your goals are achieved.


  • Collection Procedures

    • Our debt collection effort starts with verifying the contact information provided by our clients and gathering additional information on the consumer to be used by the debt collector.
    • When we can get the consumer on the phone, we can find out through a series of questions what the real reason is for unpaid bills. Determining the real reason can have a dramatic impact on the approach the debt collector will use. Just simply demanding the money typically does not work.  Instead, we often need to get a solid understanding of the consumer’s business, current business prospects, working capital position, secured debts, personal guarantees, etc… Once we have this information and we understand why they aren’t paying, we can come up with a strategy that not only satisfies our client but the consumer as well.
    • We do not use computerized predictive dialers. Our debt collectors follow FDCPA/TCPA guidelines at all times. Our software has a time barred feature in place that guarantees compliance when it comes to the timing of the calls as well as the frequency. Clients provide all contact information given by way of the consumer. We also employ the use of skip tracing in the case where the contact information provided is outdated or falsified. We are discrete and professional whenever talking to any consumer.
    • WEINSTEIN, KARP & ASSOCIATES, INC.’s policy is to encourage consumers to establish equitable payment plans as quickly as possible. If the consumer is not able to make the full payment upfront, we will then negotiate and enforce payment plans, which may have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments. We also, work closely with Consumer Credit Counseling Service [CCCS] offices.

  • Policy On Disputes And Debtor Complaints

    • WEINSTEIN, KARP & ASSOCIATES, INC. is very sensitive to complaints and we work hard to minimize them. The nature of the business, however, is such that some complaints will occur.
    • Disputes are generally accusations that the debt – or some portion of it – is not owed. Our first step is to immediately suspend collection activity and send proof of the debt to the consumer. In the case of disputes, collectors pass the account to a supervisor who attempts to resolve the dispute with the consumer, given the information we have on file. We have our general counsel who heads our compliance department and reviews all complaints so that we maintain in strict adherence to all rules and regulations. If we are unable to resolve the dispute, we then contact the client and update our files accordingly.
    • We find that most disputes can be resolved by simply providing the consumer with a detailed statement of their account. Complaints against WEINSTEIN, KARP & ASSOCIATES, INC. or one of our collectors are taken very seriously and in order to avoid any such complaint, we have a rigorous training program of the Fair Debt Practices Act that all our collectors are required to pass with 100% accuracy.

  • How Long Do We Work The Accounts?

    • Accounts are worked until all required action items on an account – as agreed to by WEINSTEIN, KARP & ASSOCIATES, INC. and the client – are completed. When a collector has completed all required action items on an account and deems it uncollectible, the account is then passed to a supervisor for review. If the supervisor agrees that all efforts have been exhausted and no assets have been identified, the account is suspended.

  • Management Information Systems

    • Our management information system is quite flexible, permitting us to remit to clients as required. Most of our clients prefer monthly remittance.

  • Our Standard Remittance Reports Include The Following Information:

    • Date payment was posted
    • Debtor name
    • Client number
    • Amount paid to WEINSTEIN, KARP & ASSOCIATES, INC.
    • Amount paid direct to client
    • WEINSTEIN, KARP & ASSOCIATES, INC.earned commission
    • Remaining balance debtor owes.
    • Amount due client
    • Our standard set of client reports is as follows: Acknowledgment, Remittance Statement, Cancellation Report, and Client Inventory.At Weinstein, Karp & Associates, INC. we have high standards of data security, reason being all information and data interchange with our clients is handled through secure file transfer protocols (FTP).
    • Summary

      Any collection agency can pick up the phone and send a letter. But how they communicate with the consumer and how they persuade the consumer to pay – including finding alternative sources of financing – once they make contact is what sets one agency apart from another. WEINSTEIN, KARP & ASSOCIATES, INC. sets its self apart from its peers.


      WEINSTEIN, KARP & ASSOCIATES, INC. is dedicated to building a team of professionals that will be encouraged to view their jobs as long-term careers where they can achieve their individual goals and potential. As we look to the future, we will continue to add innovative ideas and programs to obtain our vision of becoming a leader in the collection industry.

      We are confident that we can out-perform the competition and that this will further enhance our reputation. This, in turn, will allow us to continue to add new clients. Thus our stated mission: to provide exceptional service in recovering the assets entrusted to us by our clients.